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What to expect when visiting a swing club

Well I wrote and re-wrote this topic and just couldn't seem to put into words what I wanted to say, so rather than trying to explain to you what you would see while visiting a typical swing club, I've decided to just tell you the story of my first visit. The reason I decided this, is that it will paint a very good picture of what to expect. I've now personally been to 22 different swing clubs around the world and except for a small handful they would all pretty much follow the same plot with their own minor variances. So without further ado here is the story of my first visit.

For years I had heard about or read stories here and there about swing clubs but nothing that would have prepared me for what I was in store for. It was however enough that it kept me wanting to visit a swing club for several years before the day finally came.

It was a beautiful warm summer night in Phoenix, AZ. where we (spouse and I) had picked up a Beat Magazine (The best adult newspaper anywhere full of direct contact ads, no 900 number crap and only 50 cents) from a Castle Boutique (Chain of Classy and Clean Adult Shops) located nearby. We came across the ad for Tony's Sociables II (The First and one of the most popular swing clubs in Arizona) and I said to my lovely wife "Hey don't you think it would be fun to go and just check this place out and see what its all about". Well I was pleasantly surprised to hear her say "Ok that sounds like it might be fun". The first thing we did was to call the listed number and get information such as what to wear, how much doe's it cost etc...

We had no idea what to expect or what to look for as we followed the directions given to find the place and soon found ourselves driving in an area that was all industrial plants. We were starting to think we were in the wrong area all together when we finally turned down the last street listed on our directions and found Tony's. Although the surrounding business' were still industrial factories, there was one small difference at Sociables, and that was the fact that there were cars parked everywhere and people walking to and from one of the buildings. Our first clue that we were in the right place was the fact that these people weren't dressed to go to work in a factory. In fact some were barely dressed at all.

We were both very nervous, this being our first time and not knowing what to expect, we parked the car and started walking towards the building. We were met by a security guard near the front entrance who assured us we were in the right place since the building has no name on it. We continued in and were greeted by Tony himself, who to this day has always come across as a very nice and friendly type of guy that you can easily talk to, rather than like a big shot because he owns the place. In fact if it weren't for someone else telling us he was the owner we would have just thought he was another guest. We paid the small fee to get in and then walked through THE DOOR!

Upon entering the club you first come into a large room with a nightclub atmosphere, complete with a live DJ, a mood lit and mirrored dance floor with a stage and floor to ceiling pole, lots of seating, and a bar. (Non-Alcoholic Drinks Only Which I Believe Is A Law For These Types Of Places). The dance floor was crowded with bodies in various stages of dress (or undress), from nude to lingerie to plain slutty! This place was really packed with people (It was a Friday night) which made it easier to blend in without feeling too nervous or out of place.

We first went to the bar as most people seem to do. This gave us something to do right away without looking lost, stupid and confused. While at the bar waiting for our drinks we were able to look around and scope the place out a little and plan our next move. Once we got our drinks we had decided that we would first sit at a table that had become available only a few feet from where we were standing at the bar. At this point things looked pretty hot due to some of the skimpy clothing the ladies were wearing. We both noticed that we were getting a lot of looks from others in the club, the type of looks that let you know you're wanted. As nervous as we were we just pretended not to notice.

Soon three couples sat at the table next to ours, or I guess I should say the three men sat at the table with their chairs turned away from the table so they were facing the dance floor. The three women then got down on their knees in front of them and preceded to undo their pants, pull out their cocks and began blowing them for all to see. Not only were they blowing these three guys but they were also blowing our minds. Being that they were right next to us, close enough to touch and it happened so fast, I thought we were both going to die on the spot. We quickly picked our jaws up off the floor and like others found ourselves glued to this action for the duration which lasted only about 10 minutes or so.

After watching this we were both really excited now and decided to get up and check out the rest of the club. We noticed a crowd gathered around the opening to another room just off the dance floor and made that our first stop. When we were finally able to make it to a spot where we could see into the room it turned out that it was a movie room with couches to sit and watch XXX movies, but this is not what had created the crowd. As we looked over at one of the couches we saw the star attraction, an average looking woman sat with her legs spread wide, while knelt on the floor in front of her, another very attractive woman had her face planted between her spread legs. It didn't end there either. Behind the woman knelt on the floor was an average looking guy pounding the hell out of her doggie style. As we watched, others were joining in sucking both nipples of the woman on the couch, and men were taking turns pounding the woman on the floor. Finally, about ready to do anything that stood in front of us, we moved out of the way, making room for others, and continued to find out what all this new found hangout of ours had to offer.

Right around the corner from the movie room we entered the Jacuzzi room, which was full of nude bodies. Stretched out in the Jacuzzi was an overweight woman who seemed to be enjoying the several men who were feeling her up, while from the outside of the Jacuzzi, what seemed like dozens more men were reaching around her helping to feel her up. An important note to inject here, is the fact that everything we witnessed was happening because these people wanted it to happen. Nobody here was being made or forced to do anything. In fact, many, including ourselves, were only being voyeurs to the action. Again remembering that we aren't dead, this also was helping to fuel our own fires and I would have bet any amount of money that there was not a dry pussy anywhere to be found in the building.

Next we ventured towards the rear of the building passing a long counter of foods and deserts that is made available every night and is included in the cost of admission. We came to a hallway leading to the party rooms, and were asked to leave our drinks and put out our cigarettes. As we moved down the hall, we came to a big picture window looking into a room that some call the orgy room and others call the viewing room. We found it to be both at the same time. Further down the hall were several smaller rooms. Two of these rooms had doors so that couples or small groups could use them with some privacy, while others had only curtains. In each of the two rooms with only curtains were women that were taking on lines of men that waited for their turn. Each of these women had their spouse or partners with them that apparently were into watching. One of the women was being fucked by each man as he took his turn, while the other woman was giving each man a blow job until he came in her mouth, and then would start right away on the next in line.

By this time it was about 3:00 in the morning, closing time, and the two of us were about as horny as two people could be. We rushed home, breaking every speed law posted, and continued with our own fun which lasted well into the afternoon of the next day.

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